Why freelancing and consulting are like McDonald’s fries

Ever stepped up to the counter at McDonald’s, ordered your sandwich or salad and the counterperson has said, “Want fries with that?”

Did you ever say “no”?

If you did, what happened next?  Did the guy burst into tears at your rejection and flee to the back room to cry?

Some freelancers and consultants claim to be so afraid of rejection that they can’t phone potential clients and ask for an assignment.

However, if you don’t ask for the sale, the answer is always NO.

On the other hand, even if you ask, the answer is not always YES.

It is far too harsh and unrealistic to label every “no” as rejection. Rejection is deeply personal and painful. No is simply, well, no.

Furthermore, it’s unfair to the people we phone. It makes them out to be insensitive when saying no is a completely acceptable answer to our question.

And let’s not delude ourselves into thinking our sensitivity makes us superior people. It’s simply an excuse to avoid the necessary work—marketing—that is intrinsic to freelancing and consulting.

“Good” sensitivity is the sensitivity to help others and recognize the beauty around us and get in touch with our soul and spirituality. Stuff like that.

No way does wimping out on our marketing mark us as more profound and sensitive than other people.

So let’s hit the phones.

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