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50 Ingenius Ways to Earn Money in Retirement

By Danielle Kunkle Every month here at Boomer Benefits we talk to thousands of people turning 65. While many people are aware of Medicare’s costs from having helped a parent or friend in the past, there are always a few

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Better than New Year’s Resolutions

The best time to make a resolution is when we become seriously committed to changing our lives. And the best way to implement this change is to put it on our daily to-do list.

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Why did Santa allow reindeer bullying?

Santa allowed other reindeer to bully Rudolph but eventually solved the problem. Plus production and distribution problems at North Pole.

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How to price freelance services

A simple pricing formula for freelancing that works. And bad advice that feeds your insecurities and is worse than no advice at all.

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Work and the Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive People have a hard time dealing with work because, well, we’re highly sensitive. We know our job may totally fall part. So we have to make like a Scout: Be prepared. One way to Be Prepared is to

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When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work as Billed

They say the Law of Attraction is the answer to all our problems. And because it is a Law, if it fails you—no matter how outrageously high your expectations—YOU are the problem. So shape up and recognize you are at

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You can do anything you want to do . . . maybe

Desire counts but it’s not everything. Sometimes the desire runs deep but we don’t have the talent or the natural inclination.

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U.S. Freelancers Are Headed Down the Crapper

The (U.S.) Freelancers Union has announced the topic for its September meeting: Living the 4-Hour Work Week. Yes, the New York City-based organization will share helpful hints on how to make enough dough to live in one of the country’s most expensive cities while working one-half day per week. Just what freelancers need. (That’s sarcasm.)

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Freelancing: Don’t overestimate the competition

Too much competitor research is risky. You risk too much focus on competitor strengths and not enough focus on your strengths. Believe in yourself regardless of how excellent your competitors may appear to be.

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Freelancing: What’s better than a watertight contract?

For freelancers, it’s beneficial to have a sound contract in place. However, it’s even more beneficial to structure payment to get as much as possible upfront.

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