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Two types of marcomm writing: Do you know the difference?

One type of marcomm content is rather generic. Freelance clients aren’t fussy, it’s rather easy to toss off. The second type is specific to the client and develops the identity / branding platform. It’s much more difficult to knock it out of the park on the first draft.

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Who says articles need bulleted lists?

Bulleted lists make for sexy article titles, but I’m discovering they’re like little cocktail weenies: yummy but short on nutrition.

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Why Tim Gunn says “make it work” and how to apply this to writing (and other solopro projects)

Why I love Tim Gunn of the TV show Project Runway and how his advice, “make it work,” applies to our own soloprofessional work.

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A hot tip for writing evergreen business copy

When you are writing about an ongoing situation, always write the date on which it began, not the number of years. This way it will last forever and will never be incorrect.

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PR copy isn’t what it used to be but maybe that’s OK

Media releases (that is, releases for all media rather than print alone) and similar pieces are posted on multiple sites—press release sites, blogs, LinkedIn groups, article directories and more—with the intent of posting multiple versions to impress Google. Over-thinking exact wording is kind of silly when varied editions will be produced, whether mechanically (by spinning software) or as rewrites by humans.

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Why email is not the biggest waste of time and energy … and what is

As I look at my own work habits, I see that email overload isn’t that big a deal. Sure, I get hundreds a day. And I delete hundreds a day. I think I’ve put my finger on a bigger problem: too much participation in forums, social networking, blog commenting. These are the real time drains. But worse is the way they drain creative energy and divert us from more productive writing.

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It’s “just” punctuation but here’s a few things worth knowing

The 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style was recently published and it’s got a few tidbits that merit special attention. For instance, “Northern California” and “Southern California” are capitalized when referring to the region. And in other grammatical news, it’s OK to use exclamation points more enthusiastically in web copy than in print.

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“I” is not a four-letter word

The universal “they” claim that web copy should talk about “you” the reader, not “I” the writer. However, in real life “I” and similar words, such as “me” and “mine,” can communicate with power because used effectively, they create a relationship between the writer and the reader.

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