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Two types of marcomm writing: Do you know the difference?

One type of marcomm content is rather generic. Freelance clients aren’t fussy, it’s rather easy to toss off. The second type is specific to the client and develops the identity / branding platform. It’s much more difficult to knock it out of the park on the first draft.

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Don’t overestimate your market

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development reports that worldwide, 26% of adults cannot use a computer. A mere 5% of adults have computer skills at the highest—yet moderate—level they measure.

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Exercising the completion muscle

It’s one thing to start a project, it’s another to stick to it until completion. But every time we hang in till we’re done, we reinforce a valuable habit. Through exercise we strengthen our completion muscle.

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Pulling back the curtain on a freelancer’s shame

Many of us strike out when we offer our articles to Huffington Post for free. We can’t give it away. Here’s why.

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My resolution: To save you time and waste less of my own

My new resolution: I will cut back drastically on reading emails and online content. I am also taking steps to save your time when reading my content.

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Free is too darned expensive . . .

I am so sick of free that I’m ready to puke. I run from it. It is too expensive in terms of time and inner peace. “Free” information was once a gift. Now it is a pain in the rump. Downright repellant.

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Thought-leader content: What to do with the ideas you discover

How to transform survey data into strong thought-leader content. How to write in a style that maximizes impact and readability.

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Thought-Leader Content: How to find studies and other relevant thought-leader input fast!

When you find informative and / or provocative content beyond your own (or your company’s own) experience, you have the input to spark your own extraordinary content easily. Consider the following types of resources as jumping-off points for your creativity and insights.

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Thought-Leader Writing: How to write engaging content that grabs readers & supports your business

Producing content can be fast and easy, but the results may not be good. You need top-notch, thought provoking articles and other content to cultivate loyal readers.

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Bring on the newsletters and ezines!

I read a rather sizable number of ezines/newsletters. I don’t read them when I have pressing deadlines or when I’m deeply engrossed in a project. However, I do look at them almost every day, even several times a day, especially as I relax. This reading serves three purposes.

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