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Looking inside the mind of a freelancer

Mashable recently ran an attractive infographic illustrating the findings of a recent survey from 24 Seven on freelancers’ attitudes towards freelancing. In addition to demonstrating how nicely good graphics can add enjoyment to possibly tedious numbers, “Inside the Mind of a Freelancer” presents several observations that merit a closer look.

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Something better than Google. Yes!

DuckDuckGo is an amazing alternative to Google. Rather than breaking up a search into 10-item segments so that you have to keep clicking to access more, you can scroll down through all the links without clicking on anything.

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Freelancing and consulting: Enjoy the game!

Let’s enjoy our businesses. Let’s turn down the pressure we place on ourselves by a notch and turn up the fun. After all, we have chosen our work so let’s choose to do it with glee.

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Call reluctance in freelancing and consulting: Damaging self-talk and how to conquer it

What does your brain whisper to you (or even scream!) when you try to start phoning freelance and consulting prospects? Is it: I must always be perfectly prepared before I have the right to initiate contact with any prospective buyer. This self-talk message can totally talk us out of reaching out to possible clients, according to the authors. We convince ourselves that we aren’t sufficiently prepared and that the person we reach on the phone will ask us a tough question that will reveal us to be incompetent and even stupid.

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Maintain your momentum!

Marketing is easiest when I establish and maintain momentum. Some people establish a regular weekly schedule. For instance, they mark off Monday mornings on their calendar and consistently market on that day only from 9 till noon. That’s consistent but it wouldn’t work for me. I need day-to-day consistency to keep my marketing muscle toned. Here are four guidelines I’ve established for myself and attempt to stick with as much as possible.

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What’s a better name for cold calling?

I’ve been puzzling over a fundamental issue for months—or truly, years now—and I’d like your input: Should I call “cold calling” by some other term? I use the term to label the activity of phoning the people most likely to become clients of my freelance and consulting services. I’m totally comfortable with the term but maybe another name would be more appealing to readers.

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Why freelancing and consulting are like McDonald’s fries

Some freelancers and consultants claim to be so afraid of rejection that they can’t phone potential clients and ask for an assignment. However, if you don’t ask for the sale, the answer is always NO. And even if you ask, the answer is not always YES.

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Charge what you’re worth . . . enough already!

Looks to me, based on what I’ve been seeing in my inbox for years now, that the most consistent, evergreen marketing topic aimed at freelancers and consultants is “how to charge what you’re worth.” Apparently our freelance and consulting fees broadcast our self-image to the world. The higher our fees, the healthier our respect for our own talents. According to the “experts,” that’s the sole measure of our worth. Their latest advice is to take our current rate and double it. Right now.

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Enliven your work!

Let’s stop the deadening, go-through-the-motions, throwaway tasks. Here are specific suggestions to trim your to-do list right now.

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The writer’s best New Year’s habit

My new habit is to save everything I write in a Word or Notepad file on my computer as I write it.

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