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How to price freelance services

A simple pricing formula for freelancing that works. And bad advice that feeds your insecurities and is worse than no advice at all.

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Work and the Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive People have a hard time dealing with work because, well, we’re highly sensitive. We know our job may totally fall part. So we have to make like a Scout: Be prepared. One way to Be Prepared is to

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U.S. Freelancers Are Headed Down the Crapper

The (U.S.) Freelancers Union has announced the topic for its September meeting: Living the 4-Hour Work Week. Yes, the New York City-based organization will share helpful hints on how to make enough dough to live in one of the country’s most expensive cities while working one-half day per week. Just what freelancers need. (That’s sarcasm.)

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Freelancing: Don’t overestimate the competition

Too much competitor research is risky. You risk too much focus on competitor strengths and not enough focus on your strengths. Believe in yourself regardless of how excellent your competitors may appear to be.

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Let’s get real about the U.S. job market. Why freelancing may be your answer

Economists give us positive U.S. employment data, but on the ground, it’s not looking so good. If you (or a loved one) have been unable to land the kind of job you want, freelancing may be the short-term or even

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The freelance dream

Freelancing is a happy choice when we value serving customers and helping them succeed. However, if your sole concern is your own freedom, your road ahead may be rocky. Catch the full story on LinkedIn.

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Three types of freelance craziness

No wonder many people think freelancing is the most wonderful lifestyle anyone could ever have, considering the stuff I’ve been seeing lately. Consider the very, very short workweek, the world-traveling freelancer, and the flake.

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Four smart ways we freelancers can handle requests for free help

What do you say when someone asks you for free professional advice? It’s a touchy question and your answer may vary depending on the circumstances. But one fundamental principle always wins the day: We handle this question most effectively when we determine our policy before we are asked.Here are four ways freelancers can handle these requests.

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New survey of PR pros provides interesting income data

Direct referrals from first-degree contacts are the most common tactic for landing new business according to the 2015 Solo PR Pro Compensation Survey Insights Report.

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Freelancing and consulting: Why buy yourself a job when you can create one for free?

Many unemployed or underemployed people—especially those over age 40—are in the market to buy themselves jobs. The alternative is freelancing or consulting in the field of your choice. The best choice is to build upon past work experience.

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