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The very best reason to quit freelancing and get a job

The very best reason to quit freelancing or other self-employment and take a regular job is when you can get valuable experience that will set you up for better freelancing or consulting opportunities in the future.

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As employee benefits disintegrate, job seekers have another reason to choose solopro route

Recent data from the Society for Human Resource Management show that many employers are trimming benefits and perks, making corporate employment increasingly less attractive relative to freelance and consulting.

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What to do when your job search is running out of options

Frustrated with your job search? Well, you deserve a break today and I have one in mind for you: step out of your enthusiasm-sucking job-hunt cycle and step into freelancing or consulting. Becoming a self-employed professional can revitalize your energy, restore your self-confidence and earn you some cash. Best of all, unlike some yucky temp jobs, you can continue your job search—if you still want to—while also freelancing or consulting.

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A warning to people still in the womb

Years from now, possible employers may research you online and decide on the basis of what they learn about you that they don’t want you. They can base this decision on anything they find out, even if the incident that turns them cold happened decades in the past. The problem could not possibly be that hirers have to be more open minded and overlook lots of what they see if they are going to devote themselves to making wise decisions that benefit the company rather than merely trolling the internet for gotchas.

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Just say NO to unemployment compensation guilt

Decide what you must have in a job in terms of minimum salary, working conditions, duties, etc., and don’t accept a position that does not meet your requirements as long as you are eligible for unemployment compensation. Instead of settling for a job you hate, why not use unemployment compensation to fund your go at freelancing, consulting or other professional service businesses?

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What’s the story on oppressive HR rules?

There appears to be a trend towards low-paying jobs with exceptionally stringent policies on coming in late. One more reason that self-employment may be the way to go, even for people who perhaps would not normally consider it.

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Fool’s gold in the job market

Back when I worked temp jobs, each “temp to perm” job I accepted turned out to have no possibility of becoming perm. Today I wonder if unpaid internships (for college grads) that claim to offer consideration for full-time, paid opportunities actually pay off.

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How to solopro while you also look for a job:

If you’ve been to the job clubs and talked to the experts, it seems impossible to do any meaningful level of solopro (freelance or consulting) work when you are also looking for a job. The experts say that looking for a job is your new job and it should take at least 40 hours a week. Instead, spend only as much time on your job hunt as is required to do it effectively. This effort may not take 40 hours if you take everything off your list that isn’t working. Here are seven ways to carve more hours out of your life for freelancing and consulting.

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Back when networking was (almost) illegal

Back in the 1970s, affirmative action / equal employment opportunity practices required personnel recruiting beyond the acquaintances of current employees. Now experts agree that networking is the most effective way to get a job, but that doesn’t mean the situation is desirable.

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