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How did your college major work for you?…and advice for students

Many people argue that a college degree is not worth the money unless it is in a practical, job-oriented major, but I disagree. Studying what you love makes college much more enjoyable. It builds self-confidence and positions you for success.

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Freelancing and consulting: Hope for the career challenged

In early November, the Wall Street Journal and many other major publications reported on new findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study, based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found

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Better than the Law of Attraction: How a restaurant could have cheated at LOA and won

The owner of a modest diner exclaimed that the Law of Attraction would make her rich very soon. However, she would have had a better chance of success if she had put some elbow grease into upgrading her establishment.

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Ten ways to cheat the Law of Attraction . . . and find a parking spot faster

The Law of Attraction works best when we cheat at it. That means taking all-out action to support positive thinking. Positive results are more likely when they are supplemented by action.

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Freelance and consulting: You may be “highly sensitive” without realizing it

If you have had a miserable work history with multiple experiences of soul-killing drudgery, you may be a “highly sensitive person” without realizing it. Freelancing and consulting may be the solutions you have been searching for.

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Freelancing and consulting: Do we women underestimate our ability to do the job?

In the last few months, multiple sources have reported that men apply for a job when they meet 60% of the qualifications, while women apply only if they match 100%. This finding relates specifically to full-time, “regular” jobs, but I suspect that it applies just as well to freelancing and consulting. Here the hesitation is often a bit more general. Freelance and consulting opportunities rarely show up with a bulleted list of requirements.

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Freelancing and consulting: Sometimes you have to do what you want to do

There is more to work than making top dollar. Interesting and varied work is vital to nourish the creative spark. Spark is so important. It is not a luxury to be put aside for “later.” If your spark doesn’t get oxygen, it sputters.

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Freelancers and consultants: Can you live on less than $100,000 per year?

When you are self-employed, you can easily forego many of the purchases and expenditures that seem to go hand in hand with employment in professional positions at large, prestige corporations and you can still have an adequate lifestyle. Here are some ways to cut back on your spending so you can support your family adequately—perhaps nicely—on less money.

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Is it possible to be too conscientious?

I have come face to face with the fact that my high level of conscientiousness—though definitely not worthy of the label “perfectionism”—takes a lot of time that I could invest elsewhere.

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Freelancing and consulting: Choosing the right goal for you

Choose your own financial goals, consistent with the estimated market value (pay rates) of your specialty, how hard you want to market your services, how hard you want to work at supplying the promised work, and the nature of your add-on services (if any), such as delivering keynote addresses and high-priced individual coaching events. If you choose a figure that sounds unrealistically impressive to you, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

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