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Why did Santa allow reindeer bullying?

Santa allowed other reindeer to bully Rudolph but eventually solved the problem. Plus production and distribution problems at North Pole.

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Freelancing Millennials network differently from Boomers: Here’s how

I like to attend professional networking events with freelancers a generation younger than me. It’s fascinating how millennials network much differently from boomers. Here is what I’ve observed:

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Freelancing: Getting paid what you are worth

Demanding to get paid “what you are worth” can be UNhelpful advice. Too vague yet too emotionally fraught. Here is a guest post on this topic that I wrote for Carol Roth’s blog.

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Free Workshop, Feb. 11, 2014

Free Workshop: How to Start Earning Great Money Quickly as a Consultant & Freelancer, Feb 11, Aurora Start earning great money quickly as freelancer & consultant in the field of your choice! Great for those out of work looking for

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My “Happy Everything” letter, 2013

My annual holiday letter, 2013

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Edit your blog posts? Yes or no?

The dominant attitude on the internet seems to be that editing and rewrites are unnecessary, even undesirable. Spontaneity is the order of the day. But I edit most everything I write because it represents me as a professional writer.

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My “Happy Everything” letter, 2012

Diana Schneidman’s annual holiday card.

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Chicago MeetUp on Ebook Publishing Scheduled for Thursday, March 29

There are a few Chicago folks who have expressed interest in a local group addressing ebooks and publishing, and who have set a time and date to get together. We would like to invite others in the area to join us:

When: Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 8pm

Where: The fabulous Rock’n’Roll McDonald’s 600 N Clark Street Chicago, IL

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My “Happy Everything” letter, 2011

Here’s the my annual holiday letter, 2011

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What’s up with Diana & family? My 2010 holiday card

Another year has rolled by and it’s time for another holiday card. As I wrap up year 2 of Stand Up 8 Times and write my second letter to you, I guess I have a tradition going here.

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