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Exercising the completion muscle

It’s one thing to start a project, it’s another to stick to it until completion. But every time we hang in till we’re done, we reinforce a valuable habit. Through exercise we strengthen our completion muscle.

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Pulling back the curtain on a freelancer’s shame

Many of us strike out when we offer our articles to Huffington Post for free. We can’t give it away. Here’s why.

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Our most interesting writing projects are the most challenging

The more exciting and novel a writing idea feels to me, the harder it is to write effectively about it. I keep revisiting and revising and doubting and fretting. At the same time, I can handle a simple, kind of regular idea quickly and efficiently.

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Does Mavis Beacon hold the secret to writing success?

Lots of Internet gurus place great value on measurable productivity. They recommend writing quickly so you can start making money fast. However, it is more important to write something you are proud of.

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Quick! How to test your freelance / consulting blog right now!

Potential clients and associates judge us as freelancers and consultants by what they see online. When a blog is not reliably updated, it reflects on our professionalism. We appear unreliable and undisciplined.

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What kind of job should you take when you’re trying to write too?

What is the best job when you are trying to write on the side. The best work, in my opinion, pays enough and offers enough benefits to justify not doing what you would rather do with your time. Also, the best work provides more than income. Ideally it is interesting or it helps others or it provides social opportunities.

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Is it possible to be too conscientious?

I have come face to face with the fact that my high level of conscientiousness—though definitely not worthy of the label “perfectionism”—takes a lot of time that I could invest elsewhere.

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The real secret to writing a book

The real secret to writing a book is to sit down and WRITE THE BOOK. (Yes, I’m shouting.) It seems obvious, but current wisdom is exactly the opposite. The experts say that an author’s first priority is building their platform, their brand, their audience or whatever you want to call it.

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Easier writing in the e-era

The trick to easy writing is to take advantage of the ongoing opportunity to revise that computerization gives us. I call it incremental writing.

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