How I Can Help

How I Can Help

Do you ask yourself . . . 

What service should I offer as a freelancer or consultant?

I don’t know what to do to get clients or I’m overwhelmed with marketing choices. What exactly should I do to get paying work now?

(Surprisingly, the two frames of mind are almost alike. A half hour on Google can deliver a flood of disconnected ideas that are just as debilitating as having no ideas at all.)

How do I start telephoning for business? (Or even should I phone?) What do I say? Whom should I call?

How much should I charge? How do I know what my services are worth?

I’ve asked myself all these questions—and more—since taking the plunge in 1992.  I found my answers through discussion, reflection, and experience.

Now I’d like to help you find your answers.


Want to move forward as a freelancer or consultant but not sure what to do next?

Maybe one hour of affordable coaching is all you need to get unstuck . . .

Is this you? Maybe you face one (or more) of these dilemmas . . .

  • You want to land well-paid freelance or consulting work quickly and build a steady business but you haven’t figured out how to do it.
  •  You toss and turn, deliberating over business decisions:

             -What freelance or consulting service should I offer?

            – Which marketing task should I attempt first? How can I get everything done?

            – How should I market my services?

           – How much should I charge?

  • You want to maintain and even grow your reputation in your career field while you are unemployed by choice, perhaps as a full-time parent or family caregiver.
  •  You want to ease into retirement with a less pressured work model that is right for you.
  •  You are trying to decide on another coach’s expensive program and the price scares you.
  • You need hired expertise, but what kind? A graphic designer? Webmaster? Writer? Speech coach? Virtual assistant? Tech support?


How I can help

I help people clarify the work they want to do and make progress while honoring their personal preferences and life circumstances.

My help is unique:

  • It’s a single session—no long-term obligation!—where I help you with a pressing issue at an affordable cost.
  • I don’t try to convert you to an expensive, lengthy program. I recommend other experts when I think they can help you. (Not an affiliate program where I’m paid a commission.)
  • I help you prioritize activities. Anyone can suggest 1,001 ways to market your services, but it’s more sane and profitable to limit yourself to a short list.
  •  I help you do it your way. (Ever notice how many coaches claim to help people achieve their bliss? But when it comes to implementing, you have to do it their way.)


What else you should know about working with me.

If your preferences are unlikely to meet your income goals, I’ll tell you. Doesn’t mean I won’t help you do it, just that I won’t mislead you into believing that if you do what you love in the way you love to do it, the money will necessarily follow.

I am a marketing coach, not a personal coach. Nor am I a therapist. I can throw around Freudian jargon with the best of them but I don’t.


How we work together

Working with me is a low-risk, fast-acting step to help you move along your career path. Phone me at 630-771-9605 (Central U.S. time) or email me at with any questions or to set up a time to work together.

  1. I send a simple questionnaire so I can start considering your needs. Answer as much or as little as you wish. Return the questionnaire by email at least two days before the date we will talk.
  2. I study your answers, think about them, dream about them (yes, I work while I sleep), and look at your LinkedIn profile, resume, website, or any other resources you may provide.
  3. We confer for an hour by phone or in person in the Chicago area. (Please call for any phone coaching on a landline or from a high-quality cell phone location.)
  4. Payment is due via Paypal the day we set up the appointment. It’s $297 at this time.

So send me an email (at or give me a call (630-771-9605) and let’s get started!

P.S. Deciding to go with a single coaching session is a wise next step. Customized advice empowers you and helps you move ahead!

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The best starting place is my book: Real Skills, Real Income: A Proven Marketing System to Land Well-Paid Freelance and Consulting Work in 30 Days or Less.

I wrote this book to help you create your own job and generate income quickly.

I offer this book in both print and electronic (Kindle) formats at Amazon to make it affordable for the people who need it most.

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