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A reasonable look at affirmations for freelancers and consultants

Freelancing, consulting and other styles of self-employment are challenging. We must build our morale without an external structure, such as managerial supervision and assigned objectives, to keep us functioning. It’s as easy to curl up in bed or deaden our emotions in front of junk TV as to build our business. We each need to find ways to support our own mental well-being and more forward. Affirmations can be very helpful . . . if used wisely.

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Why the law of attraction serves us badly in this recession

While the law of attraction–the belief that our thoughts control what happens to us–is initially empowering, it soon evolves into self accusation and guilt if we cannot apply the law of attraction to solve our problems promptly. The world would be a better place if we would quit blaming ourselves and others for the “realities” we have allegedly created and instead be more encouraging of both ourselves and others in grappling with the challenges life has placed on our paths.

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Visualizing the gold: a contrarian view

Positive affirmations and visualizations can’t turn dog crap into gold.

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