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Freelance & consulting: 7 ways to sabotage marketing

If you are putting forth a lot of marketing effort but getting only tepid results, you may be sabotaging yourself. C.J. Hayden recently posted a meaty article outlining seven ways to sabotage your marketing. She makes solid recommendations on how to correct these failings, not trendy tips on what to tweet or how to use Pinterest.

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What If You Were Wrong about Marketing?

Guest writer C.J. Hayden has been playing the “what if you were wrong” game with her coaching clients. It goes like this.

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Is it time to stop blaming the economy?

C.J. Hayden on marketing your service business in today’s economy: If a set of conditions persists for years, at what point do you simply accept them as the way things are? Perhaps that point should be right now. Instead of waiting for an economic recovery to turn your business around, you could begin to turn it around yourself.

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