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On freelancing and introversion

We may think that introversion is incompatible with being a freelancer. Not true at all. It’s simply the American myth that there’s something wrong with introverts, that introversion must be overcome to achieve career success. Kind of interesting considering that most freelancers work by themselves. A lot.

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Targeted phoning for freelance: when you don’t recognize the callback’s name, don’t make Seinfeld’s mistake

What’s to be done when a callback from your targeted phoning for freelance assignments doesn’t adequately identify himself? Here are three alternatives.

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Should introverts phone for freelance and consulting assignments?

An introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people. An introvert can phone for freelance and consulting assignments just as effectively as an extrovert.

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Is cold calling worth the effort? (And why the answer is YES!)

Much as I wish it were otherwise, I concede that astronomically high success ratios with cold calling are strikingly rare. Still, it’s a very effective way to generate great freelance and consulting assignments.

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Do you hang up on cold calls? My surprising revelation

I built my freelance and consulting practice primarily through cold calling. So you may think I politely take telemarketing calls and hang on till the caller understands why I am not buying (or donating) and wishes me a sincere good evening. Or you may even think that I buy or donate or whatever because my heart goes out to people who are simply trying to make an honest living. Not so. Here’s why.

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Calling for clients? Quality over quantity

When I advise on how to start a freelancing or consulting practice quickly, I recommend phoning large numbers of people. However, don’t waste time calling people you already know are a waste of time. Achieving high numbers of useless calls is not the answer.

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