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Freelancing: What’s better than a watertight contract?

For freelancers, it’s beneficial to have a sound contract in place. However, it’s even more beneficial to structure payment to get as much as possible upfront.

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How we freelancers and consultants can get our contracts signed easily

Adobe EchoSign is a convenient way to manage contracts, including electronic signatures, via email.

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Have you ever taken legal action on a freelance or consulting contract?

It has been many years as a freelancer / consultant since I have heard of a freelancer or consultant who has been successful in using the legal process to effect payment. Legal proceedings face more roadblocks than ever. What has been your experience?

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Perfecting your freelance / consulting contract

If you want to start getting work quickly, you have to start prospecting quickly. This may mean putting preparatory work—including contract development—on a back burner. But proceed with caution.

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