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The freelance sale: Just the right thing to say

If you spend as much time as I do on the internet learning the “perfect” sales script, you may be missing the point. Don’t let “perfect” inhibit you from getting busy and getting business. Here’s how I got it wrong.

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The important question no one asks freelancers

Ffor many freelancers, value is vaguely defined and no specific achievement is promised. So my question is not how do you decide how much to charge your clients. It is: How do you, a self-employed freelancer, determine how much to pay the freelancers who provide business services to you or your clients?

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Freelancing: How are late fees working for you?

The case against freelancers charging late fees: Do they assures both payment of the original invoice and collection on the compounding fees?   Catch the full story on LinkedIn!

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Let’s get real about the U.S. job market. Why freelancing may be your answer

Economists give us positive U.S. employment data, but on the ground, it’s not looking so good. If you (or a loved one) have been unable to land the kind of job you want, freelancing may be the short-term or even

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Make money by saving money, just like Benjamin Franklin.

Investing financially in your freelance or entrepreneurial practice can be a sound investment. Here are some guidelines to help you decide which investments will meet your expectations in terms of business results and which ones are a bad investment for

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The freelance dream

Freelancing is a happy choice when we value serving customers and helping them succeed. However, if your sole concern is your own freedom, your road ahead may be rocky. Catch the full story on LinkedIn.

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Collaborative freelancing is the answer

Collaborative freelancing can be the more effective and efficient way to develop an excellent product. This level of interaction between the freelancer and the client may take more time but it can be worth the higher financial cost.

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On freelancing and introversion

We may think that introversion is incompatible with being a freelancer. Not true at all. It’s simply the American myth that there’s something wrong with introverts, that introversion must be overcome to achieve career success. Kind of interesting considering that most freelancers work by themselves. A lot.

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Don’t overestimate your market

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development reports that worldwide, 26% of adults cannot use a computer. A mere 5% of adults have computer skills at the highest—yet moderate—level they measure.

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Exercising the completion muscle

It’s one thing to start a project, it’s another to stick to it until completion. But every time we hang in till we’re done, we reinforce a valuable habit. Through exercise we strengthen our completion muscle.

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