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A Tale of Two Restaurants

Quick! Someone please tell Red Lobster we’re having a recession. It takes entirely too long to find a parking space there. At the same time, business is slow at a local restaurant where, not coincidentally, standards are more lax.

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Why bother?

Regardless of dips in the economy, there are always opportunities for freelancers and consultants . . . as long as you put effort into marketing.

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Economists aren’t dismal enough in their outlook, says Keynes

Interesting John Maynard Keynes quotation from “Investing Term of the Day.”

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Our personal success is not tightly linked to the economy

Our ability to get freelance and consulting assignments is tied much more closely to the ups and downs of our own businesses than to the national economy. But marketing is the answer in any economy.

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Layoffs bless freelancers

Layoffs bless freelancers In November 2008, America’s 500 largest public companies laid off 90,578 staff. In December, the figure was over 100,000 with the month not quite over. [For the latest numbers, go to and search: layoff tracker.] Many

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