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What do you do that’s special? (describing your work)

How you talk (and write) about your freelance and consulting work should connect with your most likely prospects. The more specific your offering, the more they want to hear that specificity, no matter how dull it seems to others.

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Freelancing and consulting: Why I’m up and down about elevator speeches

The elevator speech is a rather appealing concept because this elevator idea grabs us. The term explains itself. It brings to mind an actual event we may have experienced when opportunity came knocking and we were not ready. We kicked ourselves afterwards for having blown it. However, there is also an “ick” factor. The other half of “elevator speech” is “speech.”

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Freelancers and consultants: Rethinking the elevator speech

Two terrific, rarely-if-ever heard suggestions to improve your elevator speech: Your self-perceived flaws may very well be your professional strengths that can be highlighted in your elevator speech. And your elevator speech should connect with your best prospects. Conversely, it is perfectly fine if it does not appeal to those who are not your best prospects.

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