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Freelancing: How are late fees working for you?

The case against freelancers charging late fees: Do they assures both payment of the original invoice and collection on the compounding fees?   Catch the full story on LinkedIn!

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How much would you pay for this “full transformative” experience?

A hairdresser who has never actually worked as an image consultant explains that she has provided well-received advice on hair, makeup, clothing, etc. to family, friends, and strangers for free. What would you pay for her services if she starts her own business?

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Value pricing for freelancing and consulting: Please explain it to me

I’ve been reading advice on value pricing for awhile and I admit I still don’t get it.

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How setting freelance and consulting rates is like playing blackjack

When communicating with freelance and consulting prospects, there comes the moment of truth. The moment of truth is when they ask our rate and we have to respond. We’ve tried some alternatives. We have asked for their budget figure. Perhaps

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What the heck is “value” in determining freelance and consulting rates?

I have been reading an awful lot lately about how we freelancers and consultants should base our fees on our “value.” However, these same articles rarely define the word or even hint at what it means. When I try to tease out a definition by re-reading for context, it often seems like “value” is a synonym for “high self-esteem.”

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Freelancing and consulting: How’s the rule of 45—or 60—working for you?

As freelancers and consultants, we read constantly about how important it is to be “paid what we are worth.” I am even more concerned about being paid “when I am worth.”

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Freelancing and consulting: Choosing the right goal for you

Choose your own financial goals, consistent with the estimated market value (pay rates) of your specialty, how hard you want to market your services, how hard you want to work at supplying the promised work, and the nature of your add-on services (if any), such as delivering keynote addresses and high-priced individual coaching events. If you choose a figure that sounds unrealistically impressive to you, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

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Creating websites for local businesses: Opportunities for freelancers and consultants

Current data show there’s a substantial opportunity in creating websites for local businesses. But you have to define the work to be done and payment terms carefully.

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Charge what you’re worth . . . enough already!

Looks to me, based on what I’ve been seeing in my inbox for years now, that the most consistent, evergreen marketing topic aimed at freelancers and consultants is “how to charge what you’re worth.” Apparently our freelance and consulting fees broadcast our self-image to the world. The higher our fees, the healthier our respect for our own talents. According to the “experts,” that’s the sole measure of our worth. Their latest advice is to take our current rate and double it. Right now.

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The secret to charging high freelance and consulting rates

The secret to charging high rates for your freelance and consulting services is to start by charging moderate rates.

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