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Revisions are common in freelance writing so price accordingly

It’s not unusual for a freelance marcom writing client to request revisions. It doesn’t mean we have failed. It’s simply part of the job. Therefore, we should take this possibility into consideration in our contract.

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Our most interesting writing projects are the most challenging

The more exciting and novel a writing idea feels to me, the harder it is to write effectively about it. I keep revisiting and revising and doubting and fretting. At the same time, I can handle a simple, kind of regular idea quickly and efficiently.

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How much do freelance writers charge? Here are the latest data

Don’t you wish you had more data on what U.S. freelancers currently charge?   When setting our freelance writing rates, we find it invaluable to access the going rate. However, current data are few and far between. So it’s important

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Common—but bad—advice to freelance writers

Bad advice for freelance writers: If you don’t want to take an assignment, quote a price that is so high that the prospect will surely reject the offer. And if by surprise he accepts it, you’ll earn a remarkable sum.

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The danger of the part-time, ongoing, flat-fee assignment

If you do not yet have a full load of well paying freelance work, the part-time, long-term assignment is hard to pass up. However, if you don’t understand how to evaluate such gigs, they can be disastrous. Here’s what happened to me.

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