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Is it time to stop blaming the economy?

C.J. Hayden on marketing your service business in today’s economy: If a set of conditions persists for years, at what point do you simply accept them as the way things are? Perhaps that point should be right now. Instead of waiting for an economic recovery to turn your business around, you could begin to turn it around yourself.

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Social media marketing: boon or boondoggle?

The most fitting uses of social media for independent professionals are not brand awareness, market visibility, or even attracting new prospects. Instead, its best uses are one avenue (among others) to network with your existing contacts and to follow up with prospects you attract in other ways. In other words, social media can play a part — and perhaps a small part — in your marketing plan. It can’t carry the whole plan. You need to use other strategies to attract prospects in the first place, and other channels to follow up with them after you do.

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Stop reacting and start pro-acting to market your business

Waiting to hear from the right prospects is nowhere near as productive as proactively taking steps to seek them out. And a stream of incoming communications can take up time and energy, but doesn’t always lead to closed sales.

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An action step is worth a thousand words

Brochures, sales letters, and web sites are all excellent and effective marketing tools. Writing powerful and informative marketing copy is a useful skill to learn or hire out to a professional. Just don’t let your marketing get put on hold because you haven’t yet found the perfect words to use. In marketing your services, actions really do speak louder than words.

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Naperville / Chicago Self-Employed Service Professionals Learn How To Land As Many Clients As They Want

Business coach and marketing expert Diana Schneidman will kick off her Get Clients Now!(TM) Plus live six-session seminar in the Naperville / Chicago area on November 4.

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Is this a bad time to market?

Professionals who have built successful long-term businesses have learned that continuing to market pays off in both the best of times and the worst of times. But you may not be able to produce new results by marketing in the same old way. Here are six suggestions for how to keep your marketing up when the overall business climate is down.

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Are you getting paid for the work you do?

If you sense that you are not getting paid enough for the projects you undertake for clients, there are two likely causes.You may be underestimating the amount of time required to complete a job, or you may not be negotiating adequately with the client at the beginning.

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Why should they hire you instead of the competition?

How does a client decide who they are going to hire? It all comes down to three critical factors: match, proof, and trust. Think of these three factors for beating the competition — match, proof, and trust — as a recipe where you can sometimes substitute one for the other.

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If you can’t make a living, how can you make a difference?

If you’re in business because you want to make a difference, help others, and contribute your unique gifts, you may be handicapped in marketing and sales because so much of your focus is on other people’s desires and needs. But here’s the reality. If you can’t make a living doing what you do, you won’t be able to make a difference. If people don’t hire you, you don’t get to share your gifts.

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Tasty recipe to Get Clients Now!

Get Clients Now! has been compared to a cookbook because it helps self-employed professionals list their marketing ingredients and follow their own step-by-step recipe to bake a “win” with rich chocolate frosting. I am excited to announce my first Get Clients Now! group coaching program, to be held in the Naperville / western Chicago suburbs, starting in October. And after that I’m looking forward to offering a teleseminar-based series to serve you wherever you live . . . in a format unaffected by January snowstorms.

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