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The very best reason to quit freelancing and get a job

The very best reason to quit freelancing or other self-employment and take a regular job is when you can get valuable experience that will set you up for better freelancing or consulting opportunities in the future.

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Freelancing and consulting while you look for a job?

If you are looking for a regular job while you also try freelancing and consulting, start out with marketing tools that require minimal investments of planning time and financial investment at the beginning and prevent significant loss of these resources if you abandon your solopro practice to take that job.

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Try freelancing and consulting: the proactive alternative to unemployment

In light of disturbing unemployment figures, consider freelancing and consulting as short term—or even permanent—alternatives to the job hunt.

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What to do when your job search is running out of options

Frustrated with your job search? Well, you deserve a break today and I have one in mind for you: step out of your enthusiasm-sucking job-hunt cycle and step into freelancing or consulting. Becoming a self-employed professional can revitalize your energy, restore your self-confidence and earn you some cash. Best of all, unlike some yucky temp jobs, you can continue your job search—if you still want to—while also freelancing or consulting.

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Fast and easy: Sounds good to me!

My three-step system for getting started as a solopro (freelancer or consultant) is both fast and easy . . . if we get real about what “fast and easy” means. Finding your first clients takes substantial effort, but if done correctly, it’s quite likely that you’ll begin to get assignments in a few weeks. Effort definitely pays off!

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