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Two types of marcomm writing: Do you know the difference?

One type of marcomm content is rather generic. Freelance clients aren’t fussy, it’s rather easy to toss off. The second type is specific to the client and develops the identity / branding platform. It’s much more difficult to knock it out of the park on the first draft.

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Exercising the completion muscle

It’s one thing to start a project, it’s another to stick to it until completion. But every time we hang in till we’re done, we reinforce a valuable habit. Through exercise we strengthen our completion muscle.

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Thought-leader content: What to do with the ideas you discover

How to transform survey data into strong thought-leader content. How to write in a style that maximizes impact and readability.

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Thought-Leader Content: How to find studies and other relevant thought-leader input fast!

When you find informative and / or provocative content beyond your own (or your company’s own) experience, you have the input to spark your own extraordinary content easily. Consider the following types of resources as jumping-off points for your creativity and insights.

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Bring on the newsletters and ezines!

I read a rather sizable number of ezines/newsletters. I don’t read them when I have pressing deadlines or when I’m deeply engrossed in a project. However, I do look at them almost every day, even several times a day, especially as I relax. This reading serves three purposes.

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Why Tim Gunn says “make it work” and how to apply this to writing (and other solopro projects)

Why I love Tim Gunn of the TV show Project Runway and how his advice, “make it work,” applies to our own soloprofessional work.

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How to write effective articles for

The most effective articles on fit a certain format. A list of bulleted points support the article’s sole theme. This differs from the style I prefer for my own blog and newsletter articles.

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Quality writing on the Internet: Good news and bad news

The marketplace appears to be demanding higher quality in internet writing. Christopher Knight of EzineArticles announced in October that his company has consistently been raising its standards for submissions to the article bank. On the other hand, Google is now including Twitter messages of up to a mere 140 characters in its search results.

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