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When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work as Billed

They say the Law of Attraction is the answer to all our problems. And because it is a Law, if it fails you—no matter how outrageously high your expectations—YOU are the problem. So shape up and recognize you are at

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Better than the Law of Attraction: How a restaurant could have cheated at LOA and won

The owner of a modest diner exclaimed that the Law of Attraction would make her rich very soon. However, she would have had a better chance of success if she had put some elbow grease into upgrading her establishment.

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Ten ways to cheat the Law of Attraction . . . and find a parking spot faster

The Law of Attraction works best when we cheat at it. That means taking all-out action to support positive thinking. Positive results are more likely when they are supplemented by action.

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Have you “fixed” your money mindset? Please share your progress

If you’re looking for a way to beat yourself up for not being rich, there are experts who will tell you that your problem is your poor money mindset. You haven’t decided you want to be rich. Or you think you’ve decided but you actually haven’t. Or you have “issues,” such as you subconsciously feel that your spouse would be jealous if you outearned him or her.

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How the Law of Attraction solves America’s problems

The American public is unusually quiet in terms of political activism at a time when momentous policy decisions are on the table. One reason is the Law of Attraction, especially the more extreme versions that are so visible now.

Political activism necessitates stating the problem. However, LOA claims that stating the problem brings it into being. The people who in other eras would lead the way instead avoid facing problems . . . and are proud of it.

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Why the law of attraction serves us badly in this recession

While the law of attraction–the belief that our thoughts control what happens to us–is initially empowering, it soon evolves into self accusation and guilt if we cannot apply the law of attraction to solve our problems promptly. The world would be a better place if we would quit blaming ourselves and others for the “realities” we have allegedly created and instead be more encouraging of both ourselves and others in grappling with the challenges life has placed on our paths.

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