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Freelancing: Don’t overestimate the competition

Too much competitor research is risky. You risk too much focus on competitor strengths and not enough focus on your strengths. Believe in yourself regardless of how excellent your competitors may appear to be.

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Freelancing: When do you respond to prospective clients?

Prompt response to prospect queries shows you’re open for business. Some freelancers erroneously think that stalling on calling back makes them look more desirable. However, it may also make them appear to be less reliable (and less trustworthy with a sizable upfront deposit).

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Update on my freelance marketing campaign: how to create momentum (part II)

Phoning, like any other marketing for freelance assignments, requires large numbers. Slow and steady wins the race if, like the tortoise, you can hang in there long enough. But slow and steady postpones success, making it much harder to stay engaged.

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Ah, how I long for rejection . . . a freelancer’s lament

Today it’s rare for a writer to get a rejection. An actual rejection, whether by email or the rarer postal letter, is so unusual as to be taken for encouragement. Wow, someone cared enough to reject me actively!

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How to talk with prospects so they want to hear you

In landing freelance and consulting clients, giving them positive feedback is more compelling than negative. There are nice ways to give bad news that inspire prospects instead of depressing them or even angering them. People want to work with people they have a positive relationship with.

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New survey of PR pros provides interesting income data

Direct referrals from first-degree contacts are the most common tactic for landing new business according to the 2015 Solo PR Pro Compensation Survey Insights Report.

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It’s not your fault! Why you don’t have a network of freelance / consulting clients in place

Despite good intentions, many corporate employees are unable to develop a strong network of personal relationships, even if they expect to quit their job (or be terminated) in favor of freelancing and consulting. The reasons isn’t laziness–it’s because regular jobs are structured to prevent networking.

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What to do if crappy freelance / consulting prospects get you down

When you get an inbound request from someone you sense is a bad prospect for your freelance or consulting services, answer quickly and move on to something else.

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Freelancing and consulting: Three things to know about clients

Three pieces of wisdom about freelance and consulting clients. First, people do business with people they like. However, people also do business with people they hate if necessary.

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Bob Bly’s very best marketing advice for freelancers

Bly recommends that we consistently do twice as much marketing as we require to stay busy. That way when the prospect says we are too expensive, we calmly state that the price is the number previously given. If the prospect wants us, he must claim our time quickly before the opening in our schedule is given to another project. And obviously, if the price is too high, he should work with someone else.

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