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Make money by saving money, just like Benjamin Franklin.

Investing financially in your freelance or entrepreneurial practice can be a sound investment. Here are some guidelines to help you decide which investments will meet your expectations in terms of business results and which ones are a bad investment for

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Four lessons about building my own business I’ve learned the hard way

There’s much more to success than simply committing to build a business on a rigid schedule. it’s important to make peace with reality so you can proceed with acceptance, persistence and faith rather than frustration and defeatism.

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In praise of working bass ackwards

Reverse engineering is when you fit the project to the resources at hand. Kind of crazy but it works .

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The most important marketing/advertising trend in 2015

I see that consumers are sick to death of so much advertising and marketing. I foresee that we will become ever more open to paying for more and more information and entertainment. We will gladly pay now that we have experienced the free alternative.

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The Michael Moore phenomenon

Filmmaker Michael Moore’s success defies most everything I’ve been taught to believe about success. He is in a class by himself for achieving huge success on his own terms.

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Marketing freelance and consulting services in a recession

Regardless of whether or not we are in a recession, marketing is always work. And marketing always yields results if done with skill and persistence.

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How to know if your phone campaign is working

In evaluating a newly started telephone campaign for freelancing and consulting assignments, you may be asking how you know you’re either working with the wrong list or giving the wrong pitch? You know this answer if you are going after assignments similar to your last good job because you are so familiar with your industry and how hirers perceive their problems. Here are two different questions you should ask: How long in calendar time will it take to get results? What else would you do with your time to get work if you were not making these phone calls?

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When someone asks you to do work you’ve never done before

When a freelance or consulting prospect asks about your taking on an assignment for which you don’t have experience, consider faking a little more confidence than you feel and going for it. Believing in your talents and taking reasonable risk are intrinsic to freelancing and consulting. Commit and then do everything you need to do to pull off the assignment.

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Sticking with your niche (when you’re not sure what your niche is)

When you start out as a freelancer or consultant, don’t aim for consistency in marketing to a finely defined niche. Instead, experiment with your niche by describing it in general terms in marketing tools everyone will see, such as your website. Then go specific on spoken communications that can be fine-tuned for each person you talk to.

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How can I know if I will succeed at freelancing?

Yes, your marketing campaign for freelance assignments will succeed. Determined and consistent effort pays off. Give it a little time and favor action over too much assessment. Proactive, consistent marketing pays off; inaction does not.

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