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Three types of freelance craziness

No wonder many people think freelancing is the most wonderful lifestyle anyone could ever have, considering the stuff I’ve been seeing lately. Consider the very, very short workweek, the world-traveling freelancer, and the flake.

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Four lessons about building my own business I’ve learned the hard way

There’s much more to success than simply committing to build a business on a rigid schedule. it’s important to make peace with reality so you can proceed with acceptance, persistence and faith rather than frustration and defeatism.

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Freelancing and consulting: Hope for the career challenged

In early November, the Wall Street Journal and many other major publications reported on new findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study, based on data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found

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Freelancing and consulting: Why buy yourself a job when you can create one for free?

Many unemployed or underemployed people—especially those over age 40—are in the market to buy themselves jobs. The alternative is freelancing or consulting in the field of your choice. The best choice is to build upon past work experience.

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Freelancing and consulting: I’m conscientious and proud of it!

One of the luxuries of self-employment is that I can allow myself to answer honestly on personality assessment instruments. Back when I worked full-time for a company or was under consideration for a job opening, I would tweak my answers

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Should you ask one person for a freelance and a full-time job at the same time?

To succeed as a freelancer, you must consistently present yourself as a prestige professional. Requesting freelance assignments and full-time employment on the same phone call positions you poorly for both types of opportunities.

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Why start your own freelance / consulting practice? (Part 2)

Four more great reasons to be come a freelancer or consultant: 5. Be treated like a valued professional. 6. “Write” your own employee manual. 7. Improve your negotiations for a full-time job. 8. Tend to your children and other family obligations.

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Why start your own freelance / consulting practice? (Part 1)

Four great reasons why you should start your own freelance or consulting practice: 1. Earn money. 2. Create immediate employment. 3. Create a continuous work history and eliminate periods of unemployment. 4. Explore and expand career interests.

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I am, I say

When we state what we do in the present tense instead of future tense, we move our businesses forward.

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The gigonomics of freelancing

“Gigonomics” refers to an economy in which substantial proportions of the workforce piece together full-time incomes from multiple gigs. This may mean that a boatload of people are competing for the same work. But there’s plenty of positive interpretations as well.

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