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A most unusual networking lesson

Why not look for “connections” rather than “networking”? The difference is to only connect with people with whom you will cultivate true business relationships. It is not about the numbers.

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Does social media work?

Lots of people ask, “Does social media work?” Or more specifically, “Will social media bring me clients for my freelance or consulting services? The answer is a definite “maybe.” Based on what I’m reading online, it depends on how well you implement your social media efforts . . . whatever that means.

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How marketers are using social media right now

Michael A. Stelzner of Social Media Examiner has just released the findings from his 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which reveals how marketers are using social media to grow their businesses.

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Social media: Which gender is the most connected? reports that a larger percentage of women than men use social media, with 70% of women versus 62% of men participating.

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How I’d do social media for an attorney

In considering how to use social media effectively, professionals should be more concerned about establishing a professional reputation than with showing how nice they are as people.

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Google flunks my test

I tested Google page 1 results for a specific type of business. My findings suggest that a key to top ranking is using Google+.

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Are women over-complicating their marketing via social media?

Fewer men than women use social media, men are less likely to contribute every day, and men spend a lot less time on social media. So why do women work so hard to get people to know, like and trust us?

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How consumers really engage with a brand

Marketers should simplify purchasing decisions, a process that is four times more effective than social engagement in driving sales.

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