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Freelancing and consulting: 5 reasons to postpone intensive social networking

If you need freelance and consulting clients RIGHT NOW, be wary of investing too much time and too much faith in social networking to bring in the business you need.

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Are women over-complicating their marketing via social media?

Fewer men than women use social media, men are less likely to contribute every day, and men spend a lot less time on social media. So why do women work so hard to get people to know, like and trust us?

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When social networking strikes out

Making a sale requires more than “know, like, trust.” To sell a high-priced, game-changing resource to a company, the organization must be open to change and able to manage this change process.

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Do you know how to READ online posts? (I’m serious!)

Communicating is a two-way street. When we write online, we want to create relationships imbued with know, like, trust. However, because these messages may be composed in haste and ultra-succinct, the recipient must do his share in the communications process and read what we send with his interpretation of know, like, trust.

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Social media and the shoemaker’s children

Today’s social media experts are selling their marketing expertise, not manufactured product. They can be assessed only by looking at their own social media usage, whether published in their own names or ghosted for other clients. So the analogy of the shoemaker’s children doesn’t hold when evaluating their effectiveness.

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Can you get solopro assignments solely thru online networking?

Andrea Stenberg wrote an interesting blog post recently that describes one of the least understood—yet most important—aspects of social networking: how to deepen a surface-only online relationship into a business relationship. She recommends taking the conversation offline by making a phone call or meeting face to face.

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Social media networking: about this “strategy” thing

Surprisingly, some experts on strategic social media marketing recommend giving to others without thought of their own benefit. This strategy is unstrategic, and reminds us of how women placed helping others above their own financial benefit in the years before modern feminism.

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Can you reach your marketing prospects through social networking?

A surprisingly small share of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter participants are executives who are in the market for corporate freelance and consulting services. Web-based social networking appears to be more viable for services targeted to the self-employed and unemployed.

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Getting to know you. (Singing the "South Pacific" song.)

I am honored that you subscribe to my newsletter or at least have clicked in to read something I have written. Rather than promote the work of strangers on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, I’d much rather connect to you and promote what you do.

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Why cold calling is so much easier than online social networking (honest!)

Contemporary marketing is about generating “know, like and trust” between you and your prospects. You can proceed quickly to trust in telephoning for work and asking prospects to entrust you with assignments. However, online social networking is a nuanced relationship in which it may be uncomfortable to ask for paying assignments explicitly.

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