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Why did Santa allow reindeer bullying?

Santa allowed other reindeer to bully Rudolph but eventually solved the problem. Plus production and distribution problems at North Pole.

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You can do anything you want to do . . . maybe

Desire counts but it’s not everything. Sometimes the desire runs deep but we don’t have the talent or the natural inclination.

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U.S. Freelancers Are Headed Down the Crapper

The (U.S.) Freelancers Union has announced the topic for its September meeting: Living the 4-Hour Work Week. Yes, the New York City-based organization will share helpful hints on how to make enough dough to live in one of the country’s most expensive cities while working one-half day per week. Just what freelancers need. (That’s sarcasm.)

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Freelancing: Don’t overestimate the competition

Too much competitor research is risky. You risk too much focus on competitor strengths and not enough focus on your strengths. Believe in yourself regardless of how excellent your competitors may appear to be.

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Freelancing: What’s better than a watertight contract?

For freelancers, it’s beneficial to have a sound contract in place. However, it’s even more beneficial to structure payment to get as much as possible upfront.

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Freelancing: When do you respond to prospective clients?

Prompt response to prospect queries shows you’re open for business. Some freelancers erroneously think that stalling on calling back makes them look more desirable. However, it may also make them appear to be less reliable (and less trustworthy with a sizable upfront deposit).

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Revisions are common in freelance writing so price accordingly

It’s not unusual for a freelance marcom writing client to request revisions. It doesn’t mean we have failed. It’s simply part of the job. Therefore, we should take this possibility into consideration in our contract.

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Two types of marcomm writing: Do you know the difference?

One type of marcomm content is rather generic. Freelance clients aren’t fussy, it’s rather easy to toss off. The second type is specific to the client and develops the identity / branding platform. It’s much more difficult to knock it out of the park on the first draft.

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The freelance sale: Just the right thing to say

If you spend as much time as I do on the internet learning the “perfect” sales script, you may be missing the point. Don’t let “perfect” inhibit you from getting busy and getting business. Here’s how I got it wrong.

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The important question no one asks freelancers

Ffor many freelancers, value is vaguely defined and no specific achievement is promised. So my question is not how do you decide how much to charge your clients. It is: How do you, a self-employed freelancer, determine how much to pay the freelancers who provide business services to you or your clients?

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