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New reason to start freelance & consulting: Hiring process becomes even more stupid

A new reason to start freelancing and consulting: The hiring process is becoming ever more ridiculous and job seekers need an alternate activity so you don’t go plumb crazy from the job hunt.

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For people living in small cities and rural areas, freelancing and consulting allow you to succeed right where you are

When people lose their corporate employment in today’s highly competitive job market, they face a difficult decision: Must they move from their current home to land another job? Diana’s ebook, Start Freelancing And Consulting, explains exactly how anyone can land and manage their right assignments. Readers are relieved to see how they can work for clients across the country and even around the globe without abandoning their current lives.

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Freelancing and consulting while you look for a job?

If you are looking for a regular job while you also try freelancing and consulting, start out with marketing tools that require minimal investments of planning time and financial investment at the beginning and prevent significant loss of these resources if you abandon your solopro practice to take that job.

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New Year’s resolution: The unemployed resolve to start freelancing and consulting

Unemployed and underemployed people are resolving to finally get paying work in the new year. However, after months or even years of unsuccessful effort, they struggle to maintain an effective job campaign. Therefore, savvy individuals are turning their attention to freelance and consulting opportunities with immediate income potential.

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Want to freelance and consult? Announcing my first ebook on exactly how to get started

Ready to start freelancing or consulting but not sure what to do first? Or you’ve been struggling at it for awhile but have few or even no clients to date? I’m excited to announce the release of my first ebook: Start Freelancing and Consulting: How to take control of your life and make great money quickly as a solopro.

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