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U.S. Freelancers Are Headed Down the Crapper

The (U.S.) Freelancers Union has announced the topic for its September meeting: Living the 4-Hour Work Week. Yes, the New York City-based organization will share helpful hints on how to make enough dough to live in one of the country’s most expensive cities while working one-half day per week. Just what freelancers need. (That’s sarcasm.)

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Freelancing: When do you respond to prospective clients?

Prompt response to prospect queries shows you’re open for business. Some freelancers erroneously think that stalling on calling back makes them look more desirable. However, it may also make them appear to be less reliable (and less trustworthy with a sizable upfront deposit).

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What to do when a freelance project turns out to be harder than expected

Unfortunately, it’s quite common to have this problem. After all, each new client is different from every client we have experienced in the past. Sometimes the differences are slight. Sometimes they turn out to be significant, especially if the assignment

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Does Mavis Beacon hold the secret to writing success?

Lots of Internet gurus place great value on measurable productivity. They recommend writing quickly so you can start making money fast. However, it is more important to write something you are proud of.

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Freelancing and Consulting: Today I took a nap. Why not?

As a self-employed person, it doesn’t matter if I take a nap during the workday as long as I also accomplish what needs to get done.

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The very best time management habit for freelancers and consultants

The way to complete more work on time is to land more assignments with deadlines. Somehow the work always gets done by deadline.

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Freelance and consulting: The tyranny of accountability

When the work to be done needs a creative decision, a plan to continue planning is more effective than a drop-dead date for completion.

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In praise of BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects)

Bright Shiny Objects can waste lots of time but they can also serve us . . . if we can manage their temptation.

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Freelancing: How to achieve the flexibility and freedom you want

The top two reasons people decide to freelance is to enjoy flexibility and freedom. Here is how I’ve attained flexibility and freedom in my own freelance practice.

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Enliven your work!

Let’s stop the deadening, go-through-the-motions, throwaway tasks. Here are specific suggestions to trim your to-do list right now.

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