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A most unusual networking lesson

Why not look for “connections” rather than “networking”? The difference is to only connect with people with whom you will cultivate true business relationships. It is not about the numbers.

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How Twitter builds relationships . . . IMO (in my opinion)

What I look for most of all is the quality of tweets. Twitter is a representation of someone’s taste. I would never sign up for coaching or purchase info products from someone whose taste I don’t respect.

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Marketing: Who is on Twitter now?

Published demographic data provide valuable insights in understanding and serving customers. But sometimes simple observation helps too.

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Social media and the shoemaker’s children

Today’s social media experts are selling their marketing expertise, not manufactured product. They can be assessed only by looking at their own social media usage, whether published in their own names or ghosted for other clients. So the analogy of the shoemaker’s children doesn’t hold when evaluating their effectiveness.

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What I like most about Twitter

What I like most about Twitter is that it is guilt free. The world universally recognizes that no one should feel obligated to scroll through all the tweets we have received since the last time we checked. We are free to browse as we wish and let the rest scroll down into oblivion.

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My (guilty) Twitter valentine

I have discovered a Twitter activity I especially enjoy: watching TV while following real-time tweets for the show I’m viewing. It worked great for opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

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The backchannel: I’m looking at the future and I’m not sure I like it

The backchannel is a phenomenon where audience members carry on a conversation about the speaker during the presentation via Twitter. Backchanneling can stimulate discussion but it can also intimidate the speaker. Perhaps the traditional speech is becoming passe and role of keynoter will morph to more of a facilitator.

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Quality writing on the Internet: Good news and bad news

The marketplace appears to be demanding higher quality in internet writing. Christopher Knight of EzineArticles announced in October that his company has consistently been raising its standards for submissions to the article bank. On the other hand, Google is now including Twitter messages of up to a mere 140 characters in its search results.

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Can you reach your marketing prospects through social networking?

A surprisingly small share of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter participants are executives who are in the market for corporate freelance and consulting services. Web-based social networking appears to be more viable for services targeted to the self-employed and unemployed.

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Twitter for corporate recruiting and corporate research

On September 8 the Wall Street Journal reported that “more companies are tweeting for hires.” Corporate recruiters are turning to Twitter specifically because it provides fewer applicants. In addition, Twitter helps job applicants research companies and helps freelancers and consultants research prospects for their solopro services.

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