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My (guilty) Twitter valentine

I find myself hopelessly infatuated with Twitter. Every time I consider breaking off the relationship, I get roped back in.

Lately I’ve been thinking that the people (or worse yet, corporate entities) I follow are by and large stupid.

I love to connect with you, my readers.

But an astonishing percentage of the tweets I receive hawk products I wouldn’t buy in a million years. Or they are fans of Donald Trump. (Firing people is the last thing I’d like to be famous for.) Or they try to pull me into inane Facebook games. Or they are outright sluts. (I immediately block this last group.)

I’ve also been thinking that I should strategize my Twittering more effectively.

However, at the moment I hardly have any strategy at all. I have good intentions, but Twitter hasn’t made it to the top of my to-do list. Some day it might, but for now it ain’t happening.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered a Twitter activity I really enjoy: watching TV while following real-time tweets for the show I’m viewing.

I happened upon this one Saturday night while watching Saturday Night Live. It was fun to see what others were saying about a skit or a musical guest. It’s like gabbing with friends in front of the TV. The show itself was mediocre—as many Twitterers agreed—but the overall experience was entertaining.

Did the same thing Friday night while watching opening ceremonies at the Olympics. The event, especially dignitaries’ speeches, didn’t merit my full attention so reading Twitter at the same time made it much more interesting.

Actually, I’m a lurker so far. Not very vocal. But I enjoy it.

If this is your taste, find the appropriate hashtag (e.g., #Olympics) and keep refreshing.

Oh, and here is another fun activity on Twitter. I glance at the trending topics to see if there are any surprises. This keeps me posted on breaking news, albeit in a shallow sort of way, as well as on teen trends I otherwise would not hear about.

Originally posted 2-15-10

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