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My resolution: To save you time and waste less of my own

My new resolution: I will cut back drastically on reading emails and online content.

I waste way too much time at my computer on reading that is somewhat work related but does not propel me forward relative to the time I invest in it.

Why now? Typically we undertake resolutions on January 1, but that’s far too long to wait to take action. Even waiting to the half-year point of July 1 is too far off.

The big picture. Supposedly we are all desperate for more information. Supposedly we all yearn for more free information most of all.

Not true, I contend.

Enticing headlines and problem-solving promises seldom live up to expectations. However, they still lure me in because I have lacked willpower.

A few years ago I removed solitaire from my computer. A huge step forward. Now I am tightening my definition of junk content.

Here is what I will do for you:

  1. I will continue to confine myself to a newsletter with one article each week. Allegedly, readers crave constant blogging and newsletters so they can enjoy a deep connection with someone they know, like, and trust. I, however, prefer to receive less. So I will send you less. (I occasionally send a second issue related to a service I offer, such as coaching.)

  2. I will not send out the exact same email repeatedly on the assumption that people overlook newsletters so flooding them with repeat content is doing them a favor.

  3. I will publish more books on Kindle, an economical way to share information. Just as I prefer to buy information on Kindle, I wish to make my content affordable to readers.

Here are my steps to success:

  1. Quit signing up for work-related lists unless I see something truly spectacular. That’s pretty rare.

  2. Delete more and delete faster. (I have a spam filter on Microsoft Outlook, but it’s not so good. Still, it gets the job done if I exercise discipline.)

  3. Limit the newsletters I regularly read. I have eight on my must-read list. I have some level of personal relationship with five of them. None writes a true newsletter more than once a week, and some write much less often.

  4. Stop buying information products.

  5. Start research with my existing Delicious links. Then buy marketing books on Amazon if I need more info, generally purchasing the lower-cost Kindle version. I like nonfiction books because they often pull together the best information in a thoughtful, thorough presentation.

  6. Tackle a substantial project, generally a writing project, early on each workday so it stays top of mind.

Originally posted 6-2-15

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