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Ten ways to cheat the Law of Attraction . . . and find a parking spot faster

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the Law of Attraction, which says that we attract to our reality what matches how we think and feel. Positive thoughts result in positive life experiences.

There are a zillion different experts, books, websites, and other explanations of LOA, and they vary in their particulars. Sometimes they vary in broader concepts.

I enjoy reading this material because I enjoy happy stories. In a world with lots of depressing news, it helps me to get a different perspective on life.

However, I have problems with LOA as typically presented. Lots of problems. Primarily with the basic concept that if you think only positive and think it emphatically enough, everything will work out perfectly.

At the same time, I also have an attraction to the Law of Attraction, especially for the self-employed (like me).

One of the good things about the typical cubicle job is that we can limp along and keep getting an income even when we are feeling down, even quite down, in the dumps. Many desk jobs don’t require all that much passion day to day, and we can fake some for staff meetings, performance appraisals and such. On a regular day, we just keep answering the phone, doing what’s next on our list, photocopying, and stapling as necessary.

On the other hand, we freelancers, consultants, and other self-employed people need to stay consistently in forward motion to keep the money coming in.

The Law of Attraction is valuable in helping us manage our emotions and avoid—or at least work through—slumps.

I do not believe in all the specifics of the Law of Attraction as widely taught, but I think there’s a value in employing certain aspects of it to marshal our energies in a more positive manner.

I believe that the LOA doesn’t always work with the sureness we’ve been told to expect.

That’s why we need to cheat when working LOA. Specifically, I believe in taking all-out action to support LOA. Positive results are more likely when they are supplemented by action.

And action is often a synonym for work.

How to find a parking spot

A favorite proof of LOA is to use it to find the perfect parking spot. While approaching our high-traffic, urban destination, we should say affirmations, visualize the ideal spot, and fill our hearts with the certainty that this spot will appear at just the right moment.

All well and good but I like to cheat and use action towards finding that parking spot.

Many experts claim it should be enough to hop in our car and take off at the last possible moment, secure in our conviction that we will easily find the right parking spot. Source wants to bestow a parking spot upon us; Source never fails so if we don’t get a spot, the problem is with us. Always.

However, there are ways to cheat at LOA and improve our likelihood of either finding a spot or otherwise managing the situation to get to our meeting in time.

To understand the importance of this strategy, you should know that I am poor at parallel parking. I’ve lived my life in suburbia and have mediocre depth perception. Parking is a persistent problem for me.

By the way, LOA advocates recommend against stating a problem because under LOA, that calls it into effect. If you have been reading about LOA, you are probably wagging your finger at me right now. But I contend that sometimes we have to face up to reality and resist the LOA bullies.

Now for ten ways to cheat at the LOA to address potential parking problems:

  1. Learn to park in smaller spots. Set up the poles we used to practice parking back when I took driver’s ed many years ago.

  1. Use a website to find, reserve, and pay for a spot in a nearby parking garage. In the heart of Chicago I use

  1. Pay at meters. As Chicago has installed more meters, it’s easier to find vacant spots, though at a cost.

  1. Favor restaurants, theaters, and other destinations in the suburbs. Or those with designated parking.

  1. Get someone else to drive who is better at parking.

  1. Buy a smaller car or a car with a rearview camera.

  1. Call the destination in advance and ask for parking recommendations.

  1. Ride a bike. Take a cab or Uber.

  1. Look for spaces near fire hydrants, street corners, or driveways to gain extra space for the approach and departure.

  1. Leave home early to allow more time to find a space and walk from it. Wear comfortable shoes, take an umbrella if skies are cloudy, and otherwise plan just in case. Avoid the panic of last-minute parking issues.

Originally posted 9-14-15

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