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U.S. Freelancers Are Headed Down the Crapper

The (U.S.) Freelancers Union has announced the topic for its September meeting: Living the 4-Hour Work Week.

Yes, the New York City-based organization will share helpful hints on how to make enough dough to live in one of the country’s most expensive cities while working one-half day per week.

The Freelancers Union is a national organization run out of NYC. Local chapters around the nation all meet on the first Wednesday of the month for a lesson on a topic dictated by the national office. However, each city finds its own speaker.

Obviously the topic is inspired by the Tim Ferriss book, The 4-Hour Workweek. The catch, however, is that the book (as I remember from reading it years ago) is primarily about how to sell a product online.

I doubt you can manage a successful product-sales business in a mere four hours.

I doubt even more that you can market, administer and implement any type of freelance service in so little time.

Yes, the title is a crowd pleaser. Bet this drives up attendance.

But it’s a sign that American freelancers are out of touch with reality. They want to work as little as possible and make huge sums of money.

I call it “delusional.”

Originally posted 8-30-17

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