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Stand Up 8 Times

Fall down 7 times, stand up 8.

Japanese proverb

Right-for-you marketing systems for freelancers and consultants.


Is this you?

  • You are unemployed and fed up with the dysfunctional job market.

  • You are underemployed and eager to use your skills to make more money in work of your choice.

  • You have been freelancing or consulting but you don’t have enough paying work.

  • You are working your buns off for bad clients and you’re underpaid to boot.

Are you looking for a way to change your life, to apply your effort and desire in a way that will yield cash-generating results soon?

I’ve got great news for you: There’s a fast-start way to paying work that you can master quickly while postponing time-consuming planning and taking trendy but less effective tools off the table . . . maybe forever. It employs marketing techniques that soon feel comfortable, not pushy or sleazy.

I am so excited about this system that I have written a book with everything you need to know to enjoy the many benefits of freelancing and consulting this month! And I’ve made it affordable for the people who need it most by offering it to you as a book or ebook. So check out Real Skills, Real Income on Amazon.  Or jump over to my blog for more helpful advice.


Diana Schneidman

formerly Diana Cohen Harris

I know firsthand the ups and downs of the work world. After age 40 I landed three corporate jobs, each paying better than the last. I also was terminated from three corporate jobs.

Each time I lost my job, I expanded my freelance writing practice, repairing my soul and earning ever higher rates. The rewards were tremendous. Income, yes, but even more important were the satisfied customers who value me much more highly than the employers who discharged me.

Over time I learned what marketing works for me as I received rewarding assignments at attractive rates. I’ve decided to help others conquer the pain of unemployment, underemployment, or simply not having enough paying work with techniques to land assignments quickly.

Finding the right freelance and consulting assignments was the answer for me and it could be right for you too. So I wrote a book with everything you need to know to enjoy the many benefits of freelancing and consulting this month! I’ve made it affordable for the people who need it most by offering it to you as a book or ebook on Amazon.

How can I help?

Diana Schneidman
Bolingbrook IL

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