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A thingy called Squidoo

Once upon a time there was a thing called Squidoo.

Actually it still exists just where you’d expect to find it. In other words, it’s at

However, it’s been years since I’ve heard a word about it. Except that yesterday I listened to an MP3 in my car that referred to both Squidoo and MySpace so I knew that it was a Golden Oldie audio.

You young’uns may not remember Squidoo. To put it in perspective, it followed Gutenberg’s Bible by about 450 years. And it preceded Twitter by about a year, which in Internet years equals about 450 years since we all know that time spins by much more quickly now.

What is Squidoo?

Let me try to explain what Squidoo was. An information provider used Squidoo to post a “lens,” which apparently was a place on the Internet to assemble copy, audio, video, photos, links and anything else on a single subject. In retrospect, the result was something that seemed similar to a website to someone like me who wasn’t sharp enough to grasp the difference.

However, the experts assured us that a lens was quite different because it established you as the “authority.”

Squidoo was so perceptive!! The most respected judge of quality. Plus Squidoo had big names behind it, especially Seth Godin, a cofounder.

Anyone who was anybody in the field of Internet marketing assured us that Squidoo was of inestimable importance in establishing our presence on the Internet. So I frequently added it to my next day’s to-do list.

How I survived Squidoo guilt

Several times I even went so far as to look at Squidoo towards developing ways I could get started using it.

The bad news is that alas, I never figured out exactly what it was all about or what it really did that a website would not do.

But there’s good news too. Eventually the topic quit showing up in my email inbox. No one seemed to be selling products and consulting on how to do it any longer. I forgot to carry it over from day to day and week to week on my list and eventually it totally slipped my mind.

My Squidoo guilt faded away despite my not having done a single darned thing to implement it.

Oh happy day.

Originally posted 2-24-14

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