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Can you become an overnight success in one night?

In 2008 I took my first extended course on internet marketing from Mark Silver.

This was my first concentrated effort to develop the concept that became Stand Up 8 Times.

On more than one occasion I whined to Mark that it’s taking me too long to get going and everyone else succeeds so much faster.

Mark thought I was comparing myself to others too much and in an unhealthy way. He had a point—I still believe that it’s unfair for others to eat twice as much chocolate cake as me yet weigh 30 pounds less.

But frankly, I saw it a little differently. I believed I was making valid comparisons. Everyone seems to be posting hazed out screens from Paypal showing how rich they are becoming. Everyone seems to be doubling their lists and their sales in no time at all. If only I could afford to buy everyone’s secrets. Or was my problem laziness?

“What’s the secret? What’s the secret?” I silently called out. (Had I been hiking solo in the Alps, my frustration would still be echoing among the peaks.)

I still may not know the secret but I know a secret: it takes time to build a business. Internet marketing promises instant results if you buy the right advice, but for many people, instant stretches on longer than they would like.

Many of the top experts say that their coaching program will teach you in three months what it took them eight years to learn.

The problem is that more is involved than “learning.” Yes, in three months you could ace an essay test about their area of expertise. But implementing all these lessons in a way that matches your unique product or service takes time. You have to internalize the knowledge and live with it in the process of claiming it.

That’s why it took them eight years to learn. They weren’t stupid, it simply took time.

And that’s why we often find that we’ve learned little from a teleseminars. Sure, we already knew what they are saying. The challenge is in applying this knowledge!

Over time I appreciated Mark’s observation much more than I did initially. I realized that most people buy multiple coaching programs and products as they develop their businesses. No matter how much they try to stay on schedule with their first course—week one, create USP; week two, post website; week three, start blog—they get frustrated because even the work that is “completed” on schedule may not feel ready to be released to the world.

Coaches love testimonials from students who have succeeded under their watch, who have tripled their list or earned a million bucks or halved the hours they work each week.

Now I’m not saying there’s anything dishonest about coaches publishing these success stories—factually, they are probably true—but I am saying that it took months or probably years for the student to put all the mental and tangible pieces in place that enabled this leap to success. The last coach in line wins, standing upon the preceding coaches’ shoulders.

The truth about my business

You may have noted that the copy on my website says you’ll start making money quickly. But note that while I talk about “quick,” I’m limiting this speediness to starting to make money, not to telling your boss where to go next Monday morning.

I still claim that I can help you get your first paying assignment within 30 days. But anyone who earns five figures in his first 30 days already has something in place—unique specialty, lots of connections, stunning resume, well-developed marketing system—that changes the game.

Originally posted 7-25-10

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