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Charge what you’re worth . . . enough already!

Looks to me, based on what I’ve been seeing in my inbox for years now, that the most consistent, evergreen marketing topic aimed at freelancers and consultants is “how to charge what you’re worth.”

Apparently our freelance and consulting fees broadcast our self-image to the world. The higher our fees, the healthier our respect for our own talents.

According to the “experts,” that’s the sole measure of our worth.

Their latest advice is to take our current rate and double it. Right now.

Did you hear me? I said RIGHT NOW!

Lately I’ve been hearing this advice on free teleseminars that I’ve downloaded for later playback while I drive. It’s astonishing how these people know what I should charge, given that they don’t know who I am, what I do and how well I do it.

The last time I heard this advice, my MP3 player hit a glitch and started replaying the same teleseminar. Does this mean that Source wants me to quadruple my rate?

Here’s what makes the whole thing more amusing: Most solopros are offended if someone challenges their rates.

But even though solopros are encouraged to—and probably are—raising their fees because everyone else supposedly is and because they would never admit to themselves or others that they don’t deserve the best, how dare prospects challenge their rates. Or attempt to negotiate lower fees.

Not only do I sell my freelance and consulting services to others, but I also purchase services and coaching from others. Apparently I am in the minority of service users because I say no when their rates struck me as absurd.

Yes, I know that it’s an “investment” and that Source allegedly rewards decisiveness and punishes those who discuss with their spouses if the financial returns may be inadequate to justify the charge card debt before they click on “buy now.”

Yes, I know that Source returns our investment with a matching investment in our services . . . and that this takes place within days or at least weeks, say those in the know.

Yes, I know that our service is so infallible that consumers should obey us like Svengali because it is for their own good.

At the same time that gurus recommend boosting our rates till they’re out of sight (we are worth it, aren’t we?), they themselves often go with the lowest-priced virtual assistance. Thank Source that karma totally overlooks this inequity.

The more you commit, the more committed you are. The more committed you are, the more money you make, say the experts.

So it all works out.


Originally posted 12-13-11

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