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Finding a domain to love

Basically I’m not much of a shopper but there are two things I love to buy . . . and they cost less than $10 at a crack.

The first is inexpensive makeup. When I’ve got the buying jones, I buy the cheapest brands at Walgreen’s and experiment with exotic hues that I love but are all wrong for my coloring.

The second is web domain names. As a writer, I love pithy self-expression and domains epitomize this.

My favorite domain within my inventory is There’s nothing posted there yet, but I dream of creating an online publishing empire, in large part so I can use this domain.

As an aside, if you’re a former French-language student, there’s a famous scene in Moliere’s Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme where a character is thrilled to learn that for 40 years he has been speaking prose without knowing it, lending a fillip of sophistication to this domain.

Recently I’ve been playing on a new jungle Jim: the world of dot-biz.

A few months ago I was thinking about new products and services I could offer and how to position them. If I go this route, I want a general domain name that can wrap itself around diverse marketing ideas. It should feel dynamic. And if it starts with an “A,” all the better for rising to the top of alphabetical blogrolls and similar resource lists.

So AhaMarketing sprang to mind as I fell asleep.

The next morning I leaped out of bed—or what passes as leaping out of bed for me—and checked the availability of

And guess what?????

Fooled ya.

No, of course it wasn’t available.

Well, it was available, but for $2,950. Too steep for my taste.

So I tried And now I’m its proud owner.

Interestingly, it is even cheaper than the standard dot-com domain.

Now I’m testing all sorts of phrases and concepts on dot-biz to see what I can buy.

I already own But even I have trouble spelling it since it’s not “I before E except after C.” So I don’t find it very useful.

Lots of choices are available, I figured. But is not among them. Nor is

Still, there are other very nice choices that offer benefits over dot-com:

  • You don’t need hyphens.

You don’t need to add extraneous words like “the” or “my” or your first name to obtain something worth owning.

To me, domains are like toll-free phone numbers. It used to be that we assumed a given phone number started with 800. Then as more alternatives were introduced and their use grew due to a shortage of 800 numbers, we learned to pay attention to all three digits.

I’m counting on dot-biz becoming more common.

And while I missed out on some jim-dandy dot-com choices, I won’t be so late to the party this time around.

I concede that is the granddaddy of domaining. So I would name the business itself, in addition to the website alone, as to build name recognition.

A friend in Sweden points out that almost anything she selects is available. Simply add the Swedish extension of dot-se and it’s hers. (Godaddy shows as available, but I’ve never seen “us” used for nongovernment entities.)

Originally posted 10-26-10

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