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Freelancing and consulting: How the experts say you should run your business

The experts on freelancing have it exactly right. They say three things, and of course because they are all experts, they are always right:

  1. The highest-paying clients are also the easiest, best clients.

  2. When you dump low-paying clients or prospects, you clear the way for higher paying, better clients to fill the space. So quit being a wimp and prove to Source that you have high self-esteem. He will fill that open time slot before your next mortgage payment is due. And, to be practical, keep marketing.

  3. Do what you love and the money will follow. Your passion is so powerful that it has more impact on income growth than picking a boring but supposedly lucrative specialty.

To summarize, yes, there is a God of Marketing, and He resides in heaven above us, right on top of the electronic-data-storage cloud. With the help of adMinistering angels, He runs the marketing universe under universal laws that never screw us up.

His divine oversight and day-to-day management always pan out just so long as we don’t crack under the illusion that we are under financial pressure. He wants to help us earn big bucks if only we would support His work in our behalf by having more self-confidence and more faith.

Ah, if it were only so easy. Or if only I had more faith?

None of the three Laws of the Universe holds up consistently as I explain here:

First Law: Some higher-paying clients are very difficult to work with. Often they are large corporations with large task forces giving conflicting input. Or they give no input at all during the comment phase and later object to the final product. Or they have cumbersome payment systems and delay the check for 60 days or longer. Or they proudly have a “bias for action” combined with a bias against finalization. At the same time, some lower-paying clients are delightful, with interesting projects and cooperative personalities.

Second Law: There are no guarantees that the perfect assignment at the ideal pay rate will fall into my lap in plenty of time. The Universe in which I reside works on a different timetable than my creditors. However, I do agree that I have to keep marketing persistently to give Source a fighting chance at helping me. Obsessive recitation and writing of affirmations are not enough.

Third Law: Some types of work are much more likely to pay well than others. Informative but boring articles about updates to the U.S. tax code and direct mail marketing copy that has measurably succeeded in beating its controls both stand a much better chance of making great money than a passion for writing introspective poetry. I’m not advising to shun your passion. Just saying that it may be desirable to integrate both pursuits into your life, at least for the time being.

Having said this, it looks like I am at war with the most respected names in the e-world. I’m not.

I don’t care to debate this because there is no one right way to look at things that serves every person in the world at all times.

Different things work at different times for different people.

My observations may put in words what you have been noticing lately. Or they may be extremely abhorrent to you.

What’s to be done about this?

In my life, I have had to recognize these imperfections in my work life and carry on despite them. I strive to keep up my morale and keep on marketing.

Originally posted 3-15-15

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