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Getting to know you. (Singing the South Pacific song.)

Remember the old-time beauty pageants on TV? Remember the naming of Miss Congeniality, the oh-so-gracious loser?

The women (girls?) would assemble in classic choral formation and sing Getting To Know You, swaying back and forth in unison and pretending to love one another.

Though I’m wearing no sash and wouldn’t dare compete in the swimsuit competition, I’d like to get to know you.

I started Stand Up 8 Times in January 2009. So this business is still young (though developed from years of experience).

There are disadvantages to being small. I’m not rich. Nor am I hanging out virtually with the big-name gurus of Internet-dom such as Seth Godin and Chris Brogan.

But I prefer to see the glass as half full. I am available to develop deeper relationships with you readers.

Lately I’ve been evaluating my participation in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Especially Twitter.

The Twitter concept is that essentially you build your list of followers by following others, who reciprocate. Then you employ the viral aspect of Twitter by retweeting (forwarding) messages from others and otherwise engaging with people who interest you and with whom you would like to develop relationships.

I’ve done a fair amount of this activity, and frankly, though I’ve “met” some individuals I think I like, for the most part I feel that I am relaying messages to and from strangers.

I’d rather get to know you.

I am honored that you subscribe to my newsletter or at least have clicked in to read something I have written. Rather than promote the work of strangers, I’d much rather connect to you and promote what you do (as appropriate).

I’d love to learn more about you. What you are doing lately? Do you freelance or consult? Are you thinking about doing either? What services do you offer? Are you looking for a full-time job too? If so, what kind?

And more questions:

What are your freelance and consulting concerns? What type of information or guidance would you like to see me write about? Where did you learn about Stand Up 8 Times?

Please initiate a connection with me on LinkedIn (Diana Schneidman), Facebook (Diana Schneidman) and / or Twitter (DianaSchneidman), letting me know who you are and that you read this entry. I’ll accept the connection, friendship or whatever it is called.

I also invite your emails at Diana (AT)

Here’s to our mutual “biggification.”*

*Word borrowed from Havi Brooks at The Fluent Self.


Originally posted 8-2-09

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