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How our best ideas can lead us astray . . . or to greater success

Caleb Scoville of North Bank Audio Solutions made a brilliant point on a recent teleseminar. So striking that I almost dead stopped in traffic. (So be careful if you are driving behind a dark green Acura in the Chicago suburbs.)

He proposed that when you are getting bored with an idea that you have taught, written about or otherwise worked with for awhile, this means you have become an expert.

We may mistakenly take our yawns as signs that we should move on to something else. But on the contrary, we should hang in there to utilize and share the mastery we have developed.

Looking at this from a practical perspective, this is our opportunity to put our foot to the monetization accelerator. Learning something new is a nice-to-have, but growing our income from existing strengths certainly has a lot to recommend!

A sense of been-there-done-that does not mean we have reached a dead end. Instead, we have arrived at a place where we can thrive and can help others more effectively. Where we have a springboard to greater creativity and effectiveness.

I am taking Scoville’s advice to heart and reexamining what initially seems ho-hum to me.

Even if others in our specialty community know what we know, that doesn’t mean our knowledge is a snooze inducer for everybody. Others often do not know what we assume is universally known.

Here are two experiments you can try. (I assume you are at least moderately internet savvy.)

First, find an acquaintance who is not involved in internet marketing. Ask him what “know-like-trust” means.

Those of us interested in this subject area know that it describes how to create a relationship with others online that may lead to sales, affiliations or other opportunities. But your friend may draw a blank at this phrase.

Or ask her what she thinks about Twitter. Many of you readers are familiar with Twitter. You may have tried it out. You may have looked it over and decided it’s not for you. You may love it.


But believe it or not, there are still many, many computer-wise people who don’t know what it is.

So let’s claim our expertise with pride and employ it to realize our full potential.

Originally posted 8-24-10

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