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How Twitter builds relationships . . . IMO (in my opinion)

Among the social networking sites, my favorite is Twitter.

I like its transparency. I like how easy it is to see how others are using it. I can’t see their direct messages, whether sent or received, and it’s sometimes challenging to detect exactly how many accounts someone has.

Still, when some self-proclaimed marketing expert brags about how well he is using Twitter, I like to mosey on over there and see what his tweets look like. I scroll through the people he follows and those who follow him and look for common themes in his connections. Often there’s nothing especially impressive.

What I look for most of all is the quality of tweets. Everyone has his own opinions of what’s good and what’s not, and Twitter isn’t old enough to have evolved into universal criteria of quality. To me, Twitter is a representation of someone’s taste. I would never sign up for coaching or purchase info products from someone whose taste I don’t respect.

Here’s what I like to see:

  • Links to content that is valuable and interesting. I never tweet or retweet a link to something I haven’t read completely or close to it

  • A manageable number of tweets so I see a variety of content from a variety of people every time I check Twitter

  • Appropriate hashtags since I selectively review hashtags as well as accounts I personally follow

  • Quotations. This is a controversial one. Many people hate quotes, but I happen to like good ones. Also, I see quotes as an excellent opportunity to evaluate the sender’s tastes in info

Here’s what I don’t like:

  • Some people sign up for lots of alerts from Google or Yahoo or whatever and forward them all on Twitter without reading the content themselves. I don’t need Twitter to keep up-to-date on the news. If I want news, I’ll go directly to news sites.

  • Thousands of tweets from an individual, so many that they show up in clusters and dominate what I am receiving.

  • So many hashtags that the tweet itself communicates nothing.

  • Tired quotes. Eleanor Roosevelt was a good woman, I’m sure, but she seems to say the same thing over and over although she died long before Twitter was invented. I’m especially tired of, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

You may wish to visit my Twitter account and see what you think. It’s @DianaSchneidman. Big numbers of followers but everyone that I follow is not magnificent by any definition.

In the past year or so I’ve gradually quit following people who post primarily in a foreign language, whose profile claims they can provide huge numbers of Twitter or Facebook followers, and those with sexually suggestive photos. That still doesn’t leave an exceptionally elite list, but I have isolated some of my favorites in Twitter lists I have created for more frequent perusal.

If you decide to follow me, send me a tweet—not DM (direct message) since I seldom look at those. I like to retweet and “favorite” people who read my blog.

Originally posted 7-1-13

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