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Just say NO to unemployment compensation guilt

Lately the media is describing unemployment compensation as an “entitlement” to which many of its collectors are not entitled.

Accepting these funds contributes to government debt. It’s like Senators enjoying big expense accounts and building bridges to nowhere. People should be ashamed of themselves.

Well I disagree. Those who legitimately qualify for it are entitled if they obey the rules and have not found a satisfactory job.

A friend attending job club picked up a piece of advice from a speaker that I find invaluable: Decide what you must have in a job in terms of minimum salary, working conditions, duties, etc., and don’t accept a position that does not meet your requirements as long as you are eligible for unemployment compensation.

If you accept the wrong job, you may not be able to hang on to it. You may be fired with cause because you are not a good fit. You may be so unhappy or exhausted that you feel you have no choice but to quit. You may be unable to survive on the income but be too pressured by current work demands to squeeze a new job hunt into your life. Or you may simply be so occupied during the work day that you can’t shoehorn in interviews.

In other words, you’ll be stuck and it will be impossible to look for a better job while you are tied up with the wrong job.

Remember that you can’t test the new job and walk away if it doesn’t fit you. You may well lose access to the remainder of your unemployment compensation balance

Instead of settling for a job you hate, why not use unemployment compensation to fund your go at freelancing, consulting or other professional service businesses?

You can pursue solopro assignments at the same time you go after regular jobs.

And you may be able to make money on these assignments without foregoing unemployment compensation after the assignments are completed.

(Note: Check the unemployment compensation regulations in your jurisdiction. I disclaim any expertise in this area.)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard all the sayings about windows closing and doors opening. Unemployment compensation just may be your door!

Originally posted 10-3-10

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