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Phoning for freelance and consulting assignments: Another reason to do it yourself

When you make your own calls for freelance and consulting assignments, people are more likely to go the extra mile to help you out.

From time to time I scan Elance and similar job boards for assignments of interest. I haven’t been moved to apply for anything yet, but I see how easy it is to hire someone else to make phone calls to prospective freelance and consulting clients.

And based on the rates I’m seeing, it appears you can hire someone inexpensively.

However, I do all my own phoning. It makes sense for me to do it myself because I do the most phoning when I have the least work. So even though the experts would say that my time is too valuable for this activity based on my hourly rates, this ignores the reality that I roll out intensive campaigns only when I have time available to do more work, and therefore, to make my own calls.

This seems pretty obvious to me, but based on the advice I see on the Internet, the time of the self-employed is so valuable that it always makes sense to hire someone else to mow the lawn, shop for groceries and teach the dog to fetch.

At this time I am engaged in a phoning campaign.

Sometimes you have to focus on marketing, and that time for me is right now.

Last week I was combining phoning with emailing (to the same prospects) to generate writing and research assignments in the insurance and financial / asset management industries. As is my practice, when the prospect does not pick up the phone, I leave a message and simultaneously email an introductory note.

Some of these people do respond, even if they have no assignments to offer at this time. Even if their companies are so fully staffed that they never use freelancers.

Some sign up for my ezine in support of my writing business. (You can sign up at DianaWrites.)

Some forward my request to the individual at their company who uses freelancers for specific content or who maintains a corporate database of freelancers.

Last week someone told me how to request a speaking slot at the national conference of our mutual professional association.

Any simple, pleasant response to my email is, by itself, very heartening to me.

I believe these responses happen because I make my own calls and leave my own messages.

I hypothesize that the people I phone identify with me as someone who is much like them rather than a nuisance, like swarming bees at the picnic table. Some of them have freelanced in the past; some of them will freelance in the future.

And some of them use freelancers and consultants or are working on projects awaiting funding.

Originally posted 3-12-12

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