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Social media and the shoemaker’s children

In the past I’ve written about social media—LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter—and how some individuals claim to be experts but their online presence is pretty sorry.

Now I myself don’t claim to be an expert because I do not presently evaluate businesses’ use of the big 3 and make strategic, big-picture recommendations.

However, I do write articles, blog posts, websites and other online copy for pay. (I’d love to ghostwrite for you. Simply contact me via my website and we can get started.)

When I see what those who claim to be pros are posting, I suspect I am overly modest. Some of these so-called experts have no sense of shame.

I’ve written about this in the past and you, my readers, have added some helpful comments. Specifically, one of you suggested that self-proclaimed experts with only slight actual participation in social media may be like the shoemaker whose children are without shoes.

I’ve thought about that and frankly, I don’t think the analogy works.

When I think about the shoemaker, I think about the local cobbler living in the forest in Hansel-and-Gretel land, not toiling in a Chinese factory. No one judged the cobbler by his children’s shoes because they judged him based on their own shoes they had purchased in the past.

He could be an exquisite craftsman and a total marketing dunce and it wouldn’t matter to the customers. In fact, did they even have marketing back then?

Today’s social media experts are selling their marketing expertise, not manufactured product. They can be assessed only by looking at their own social media usage, whether published in their own names or ghosted for other clients.

To be fair, the individual who commented also said that the way to assess a social networker is to see the work he did for clients. Ah, that’s much better . . . if you can get him to name names and specify his role in the campaign.

So sorry but it’s all hot air until we see the proof.

Originally posted 12-21-10

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