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Visualizing the gold: a contrarian view

Joanne expressed to husband Glenn in a marriage counseling session “her fear that their marriage would fall apart, to which Glenn replied, ‘Joanne, if you hold in your mind that our marriage will fall apart, our marriage will fall apart.’

“Joanne looked at Glenn calmly and then asked, simply, ‘Well, Glenn, if I hold in my mind that our dog, Rags, will crap gold nuggets, will he?’”

Rick Carson tells this story in his excellent book on how to counteract the self-limiting messages in our heads, Taming Your Gremlin: A Surprisingly Simple Method for Getting Out of Your Own Way.

Carson recommends positive affirmations and visualizations, but not at the expense of thought and hard work.

I’d add that no amount of thought or hard work will gild dog crap. Sometimes life is just like that.

Originally posted 1-24-09

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